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Open Call For Questions About Japan, For New Blogging Series

I’ve decided to start a little weekly (or maybe bi-weekly) blogging series about life in Japan, both from an academic point and from a living-there-as-a-foreigner point. I mean, why not? It’s my major area of study since puberty, damnit.

So to get a jump on some ideas of what to post, I’m opening this first post for questions you might like to see answered about Japanese language and culture from a general view, or a more specific and gritty look at getting a job there (and keeping it) and getting around as a foreigner. Please keep in mind though that I can only answer generic questions about the language - most of its intricacies are still beyond me!

You can look forward to the first blog post sometime this week. I was thinking about either queer life in Japan or Japanese naming conventions. What say you?

Send me questions either via my tumblr ask box or as a comment on my blog. If you ask me through tumblr, I”ll make sure to let you know when it goes up!

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