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LATEST RELEASE: "Koibumi." Book 5 of Ren'Ai Rensai

It’s quite possible that the HA:TFELT minialbum is the most beautiful K-pop thing ever.

I don’t understand how the end of a month always feels so anxious and worrisome to me. It seems like every single month around this time I am convinced that everything is falling apart and there is absolutely no point to anything I try to do. I mean, I don’t need a monthly scheduled funk.


[image: dog tag chain with washer that has butch engraved on it.  background.text: “i’m butch
Maybe you could even say i’m a Bottom Butch.
I’ve dated femmes but I felt more like…
I was playing a role.
Compliment … open doors… buy flowers (just because)
When really
I wanted to be little spoon
to submit to her hold and smile at the smell of her colgne.
I don’t want to play any more roles. ”]

I swear I didn’t submit this.

Sailor Uranus | Sailor Moon

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For all of you 20-somethings who are wondering … this is EXACTLY what happens when you turn 30.

Be prepared to block a lot of former high school people on Facebook because as soon as you hit 30, it’s basically going to turn into Babybook and you will hate it.

apparently I turned 30 at 17.

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Ayu in color palette #18

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tumblrs message system is a bit like messenger pigeons only they’re chickens and you just kind of throw them in the direction of the recipient and hope they find their way

lol carly

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"oh hi just cruising through shinagawa on my bike lol"

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Mario Jumps into Battle!

That is some REALLY impressive animation work.

God what does it say about me when I recognized every single place in this thing.