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Reblogging every time to drive home the importance of owning our language and being able to call ourselves WOMEN

I kind of understand, but at the same time, we need a way to differentiate between gender and biological sex. So like…I’m biologically female, but that doesn’t necessary mean I consider myself a “woman” in the sense of gender identity. I am closer to genderqueer.

Like…there’s a difference between your gender and the body you have. When I write or talk, sometimes I need to make it clear which one I’m talking about. I usually use “female” to refer to people with female bodies who are comfortable in those bodies (i.e. they don’t feel the need for surgery to become the sex they feel they were supposed to be because they believe their female body was the correct one)…even if they express a gender that isn’t necessarily “woman” or prefer pronouns that are not feminine.

I use “woman” to refer to a person (regardless of biological sex) who identifies as such.

I reject the idea of two genders. Gender is a spectrum and is not determined by your physical body, although society has tried to tell us otherwise. In other words, I don’t think having a female body means you are a woman and I don’t think that NOT having a female body should prevent you from being one. It’s important that somehow, we determine a way to clarify this and differentiate between biological sex and gender identity.

I think the point they’re going for is the cultural phenomenon in which women are often called “female” instead of well, women (when they clearly identify as such), while men are always men and rarely “males”. Such as “the females and the guys” and “men and females” ax you often see in casual conversation. Basically, giving one side of the binary humanity while the other is nothing more than body parts. 


On a scale of Amami Yuuki to Oozora Yuuhi how long will it take your favourite sienne to become top star

carly and i were literally joking about these two in this context last night


Hidemi Kubo original film concept painting for The Last Unicorn

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"Blame white furries" I’m screaming this is literally me

save black people who aren’t me… honestly what kind of teriyaki teas

Down with white children???

freedom from black assault rifles

Moms against the endangered dolphins

Access to White Americans

God Hates Male Marijuana

you heard it here first folks

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Born to the vivid heat and unyielding sunlight of Phoenix, Ray dives into her pool and surfaces in a cold lake. 

There is no sun in Qol. She has no family. Ray has never existed—only Laenyn. 

Or so the mad scientist claims. But her younger sister, older and yet smaller than she ought to be, seems to remember their life rather differently… 

Now available for free!

Fallacy is now available for free on a number of different platforms! 

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every student ever

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Spanish speakers!

Hey all. I’m looking for someone who is fluent in Spanish (particularly reading) to look something over for me. It’s very brief, and all I need is feedback in how well it flows and makes sense. I took four years of Spanish in high school, but would much rather have a native speaker or at least someone who is very confident in their abilities look it over too. 



It is Usagi.
It is.

now this is my kind of SM reboot



A chubby Pikachu by request.

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