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LATEST RELEASE: "Koibumi." Book 5 of Ren'Ai Rensai



You have chosen perhaps the SINGLE most difficult series to come up with Smash Run enemies for.  But don’t worry, we gotcha covered.




Oozora Yuuhi :D

wow hi welcome to my dash

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How to Seduce Each Zodiac Sign




Aries: Food

Taurus: Food

Gemini: Food

Cancer: Food

Leo: Food

Virgo: Food

Libra: Food

Scorpio: Murder

Sagittarius: Food

Capricorn: Food

Aquarius: Food

Pisces: Food

One of these is not like the others

As a person in the cusp of Scorpio and Saggitarius, this is very accurate.

I can probably chalk up my weirdness to Scorpio leanings.

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Uhg…Why does every woman (well, except for like 2…) I know take her husband’s name when she gets married? The thing is…I ask why and they never really do give me an answer. This is especially true of the people I knew when I was homeschooled. But I know the answer. Most of them have just grown up…

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Once, back when I assumed I was straight, I got in a huge fight with my English teacher because I said I would never change my name. She said, “BUT WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN if you don’t have the same last name life is hard!”

She never once considered my supposed husband taking my name or that I didn’t want kids (because I would change my mind duh) or that, you know, my mother had a different last name from me my entire life AND SOMEHOW THINGS WERE FINE.


Song is OK

Love the styling

Dance is awkward (Tacata was better)

Can we please have a PV with an actual set?

This song is kind of really awkward, but damn if I won’t take just about anything I can get, lol.



My main dilemma when I see a pretty girl is am I jealous of her or attracted to her? Do I want to be her or date her?

#wife goals or life goals

I was gonna make a “why not both” joke but then i thought about it

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Tom don’t you dare.


Like seriously? Tomu just graduated, Sou is graduating in a couple of days, TERU is retiring next year February, and now Chie?! 

This is what happens when things were pretty quiet for a couple of years (with only a couple of retirements) :(

I think people were mostly waiting for the 100th and then started lining up to leave.

I like how my three fave top stars are going to all retire in the same year span - one to the day of the first!

Yuzuki Reon taidan announcement


The OHP has been updated with the official announcement that Hoshigumi Top Star Yuzuki Reon will be retiring from Takarazuka after completing the Tokyo run of Kurohyou no Goto / Dear DIAMOND!! on May 10 of next year.

The press conference will take place tomorrow.